Green Keeper Course Updates

Course Update
October 2021

Seeding Fairways:

This is the optimum time to complete this process as the moisture and heat levels in the ground are high. This will aid in a high rate of seed germination. The disc seeding of the fairways is progressing very well and we hope to complete it all by today. So far, 150 bags of a fescue/dwarf rye seed have been sewn. Most fairways have been double passed and the weaker fairways including the 8th, 10th, 12th and 13th have been triple. This includes seeding the approaches of all 18 holes.

Before seeding, the fairways and approaches are dewed off to make the surface dry to stop seed clogging in the seeder and retain a consistent spread.
We are expecting heavy rain early next week to help bed the seed and aid in further germination and growth. We’ll start seeing the results in the next few weeks. If you have any more questions, please ask a member of the green staff.

David Field
Senior Deputy Head Green Keeper 

Course Update

October 2021

Please be aware that all the faiways on the Purbeck Course will be disc seeded from the 11th October and we expect the work will last around 4 days.
This process will disrupt play and we thank you in advance for your patience. 

Turftonics’s will likely start at 6.30am and hopefully get 4 fairways completed each day depending on the size of each fairway. They will be double seeded and possibly triple seeded on the worst fairways.
Whilst they are working, that particular fairway/hole will be closed which will interfere with play.
The discs/blades go approximately a centimetre into the ground, seed is dropped into the slot and a roller flattens it back down. This may affect the playability of the fairways in the weaker areas.
Recovery and germination should be evident in 1-2 weeks.
This is a key process to help the fairways develop and we look forward to achieving better lies to hit off of.

David Field
Senior Deputy Head Greenkeeper

Course Update 
August 2021

Once again, we’ve had perfect growing weather and coupled with the fertiliser, the course is really benefiting from it. 

We are seeing great definition to the course where we can all distinguish the greens, surrounds, fairways, semi rough, first cut of rough and rough. We have taken out more areas of rough on both courses that seem too penal without changing the aesthetic of the course. It might take some time to get used to the new layout but with good course management, you can easily avoid these tough areas. If not, we have a fantastic pro who can help you split those fairways.

I finally managed to play it on Tuesday and I’m very proud of our efforts. 

We have purchased plenty more range balls. They have been dyed orange to identify them as range balls and should only be used on the driving range.

The greens on 1, 2, 17 and 18 have been spiked/aerated to allow percolation and help reduce the thatch in them.

All the greens are top dressed fortnightly to achieve a more consistent playing surface and also aid in percolation.

The green staff are experiencing issues with golfers that tee off early or cut out holes and therefore catch us up in our morning preparation phase of work. 

I plan out a very specific route for each worker and how long it should take to complete a professional job. Interrupting or rushing them can lead to mistakes, frustration or missing out jobs. I want to provide a safe working environment and it is not acceptable for golfers to hit balls at them. Please allow us to complete the job or wait to be called through. A golf ball can travel up to 150mph and I know of green keepers who have been severely injured through negligence.

The team are very passionate about their work and all want to create a great golf course for you.

David Field

Senior Deputy Head Green Keeper 

Course Update 
July 2021

Again, we’ve had perfect growing conditions for the golf course and we are seeing much more definition around the tees, surrounds and fairways. Temperatures are averaging at 20 degrees at the peak of day with a total of 72mm of rainfall through June.

The rough will be cut at 2 inches and we’ll allow other parts of the rough to grow to improve the aesthetics and shape of the course. This will also aid is with natural reseeding around the site.

The greens are improving with light feed and top dressing. We will be dressing the greens fortnightly to stimulate growth and help maintain a smooth putting surface.

We now have our new pedestrian tees mowers allowing us to cut straight up and down the tees. The lines will be become more and more apparent every time we cut.

The sleepers around the tees have been edged to make them look neater and we’ve also used the rough mower around the tees to help frame them.

All the Fairways have been blue lined again to help distinguish between the fairway and semi rough.

The greens and surrounds on the Purbeck and dene course have been spiked to a depth of 3 inches to help percolation to get water to the roots and create a healthier plant.

The team now have a uniform to help identify the staff and create a more professional appearance on site.

We are extremely pleased with the progression of the course and we hope you are too.

Dene Course:

We’ve allowed the fescue grasses to grow in the rough on the dene course. This gives the course more character and a better test of golf. We’ve also included grass paths that link tees to the fairways and greens to tees.

Most of the irrigation trenches have been filled in and we are close to connecting it to the mains by the 3rd fairway. We will treat the tees, greens and surrounds the same as the Purbeck course and will continue with our fertiliser and top dressing program to achieve the best possible surfaces.

We have also decided to promote Alex Harvey to First Assistant. He is a valued, knowledgeable and experienced worker and will help us continue to move the course onward. He will also be putting his knowledge gathered from his degree in Ecology to help us use the SSSi site to benefit us and our processes. Please congratulate him as he’s truly earned this.

David Field 
Senior Deputy Head Green Keeper 

Course Update
10 June 2021

Temperatures are hitting daily highs of 20+ degrees and some of the greens are getting double doses of water to keep up the moisture levels. We are aiming to keep the moisture levels in the greens at 20-25%. This level is key to create the correct habitat for fescue grasses and keep poa and rye grasses away. These levels are also important in terms of playability as we want to keep a consistency across every green and how the golf balls reacts to the playing surface.

Today,we have cut, over-seeded, top dressed, brushed and irrigated all the Purbeck greens to encourage more growth and create a flatter truer green.

Golfers are reminded not to tee off early or cut across. Priority is given to the green staff to allow us to complete our daily jobs to the best of our ability. If we are rushed, we may have to skip jobs or mistakes can be made. I plan out our jobs for every morning across the week to get the best economy of our staff to produce a better golf course, so we thank you for your patience.

Blue lines will be painted next week to indicate the FAIRWAYS. The current blue dots indicate the semi rough and are for our benefit when cutting to make sure we cut everything correctly.

Please repair your divots and pitch marks.

David Field
Senior Deputy Head Green Keeper 

Course Update
14 May 2021

We've finally had some rain and the temperatures are starting to increase. 
So far, the rainfall for May is at 45mm. this is compared to 11mm in all of April and 15mm in all of March. It was a cold start to the year which hampered our objectives as we went into spring. Now that growing conditions have improved, along with an applications of fertiliser to the greens, tees and surrounds, the standards of the playing surfaces are getting better and better.  
The tees are becoming more defined and are in a diamond pattern until we get the new wider John Deere pedestrian mowers. The greens are looking much better after the top dressing and feed, along with the use of better equipment to achieve a tighter cut that will produce a smoother putting surface.

The irrigation project on the dene course is progressing well with the main pipe work going in through the middle of the golf course. This will attach to the existing pipework to the sprinklers around the greens and tees that we put in over the winter.

Now that the growing conditions have improved, the 3rd and 4th greens on the dene have been over seeded and top dressed to help improve the playability of the surfaces.

We are experiencing some minor leather jacket damage on the 10th and 12th greens on the Purbeck course. We will continue to put down tarpaulin over night on the worst affected areas to make the grubs come to the surface.

The surfaces will continue to improve and we hope that you see what we are trying to achieve around the course. It wont happen over night but a plan is definitely in place to produce a great golf course.

David Field 
Senior Deputy Head Green Keeper 

Course Update
May 2021

Top Dressing

You’ll be pleased to know that all the Purbeck Course greens have been top dressed to fill in the cored holes to stimulate growth and produce a smoother playing surface. The greens were also fertilised again at the beginning of the week and alongside the much needed rain, the greens are growing well.

We’ve also been asked why the tees aren’t cut straight up and down. 
As the new pedestrian tees mowers haven’t arrived yet, Farols have lent us some. Unfortunately, they aren’t the same width as the new ones. This means we cannot achieve the same width of lines cut so we’ve opted for a diamond pattern for now.

Kind regards 
David Field 
Senior Deputy Head Green Keeper 

Course Update
April 2021

Dave and Kathy have made a big investment in the club to bring in a brand new fleet of John Deere machinery.
Not only that, the annual course budget has also been increased for the amount of fertilizer, seed and equipment we can use.

We have purchased:
6x gators
3x pedestrian greens mowers
6x trailers
1x rough cutter
1x fairway mower 
1x semi rough cutter
1x sprayer 
1x ride on surrounds mower 
1x ride on greens mower
We are also waiting on 
1x top dresser attachment 
3x pedestrian tees mowers
All this new kit will allow us to boost our staff economy and improve the playing surfaces.
The team are extremely happy with these purchases!
Spring hasn’t been very kind on us as temperatures have rarely made it above 10 degrees and had many morning frosts to contend with. Not only that, we have only had 5mm rainfall in 4 weeks with no more rain forecasted.
This obviously impacts the growth rate around the course. Therefore, the cores on some of the greens haven’t filled in yet. Ideally, we would have top dressed the greens but we are still waiting on the attachment to arrive from Farols. Once it arrives, it’ll be used immediately to gain a smoother putting surface. 
I’m sure you’ve all seen the course improve since reopening and once the weather is kinder to us, the surfaces will get better and better.

These are certainly exciting times for the Isle of Purbeck Golf Club.

Kind regards 
David Field
Senior Deputy Head Green Keeper 

Course Update
March 2021

It’s been a busy lockdown for the greens staff. We have had a number of projects completed to improve the playing surfaces around the golf course. This includes new processes that we weren’t able to achieve in the past.

We continued our work with the contractor Turftonics to aerate the greens, tees, surrounds and fairways. The holes are closing in nicely but need your patience until we get our eagerly awaited machinery to top dress the greens and produce a smoother surface. All these processes are key to improve the quality of the course. 

The new John Deere machinery will be vital to help us achieve our goals to produce better playing surfaces and we can’t wait to get our hands on the new kit. This includes the opportunity to hand cut the greens and tees.

Our gorse clearance has also continued between the 5th tees and 6th green to open up the views in that area.

All the bunkers on the main course have now been edged and reshaped ready for play on Monday.

We have also purchased new tee markers, pins, flags and cups for the dene course. The fairways have also been reshaped and we’re in the process of edging the bunkers. The greens have improved but more aeration will be completed on the 3rd and 4th next month.

The Picnic area will also be worked on to help level the area whilst putting more paving slabs down around the benches.

For your information:
The blue lines on the course indicate the edges of the fairways and white dots are for the green complexes. They are there to aid us when cutting these areas.

We look forward to finally seeing you back on the course on Monday from 8am.
Please remember to fix your divots and pitch marks.

David Field
Senior Deputy Head Green Keeper