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“Philippe has travelled the world coaching golf on three continents, this includes at a major championship. He has assisted in training his fellow professionals at seminars around the world. He is an expert, and in my mind one of the top coaches in the world”. Andy Plummer, PGA Tour Coach

Welcome! Keen to improve your handicap? Want more enjoyment from your game? Make progress with the application of the correct fundamentals and sound technique. 

About Me

I am a golf performance coach with a passion for helping golfers of all abilities, from elite players to amateurs, reach their full potential.

I have traveled the world coaching golf on three continents, including at a major championship, and have assisted in training fellow professionals at seminars around the world. My expertise and experience have earned me accolades from some of the top coaches in the industry, including Andy Plummer who has stated that "in his mind, I am one of the top coaches in the world."

I am accredited by some of the most respected organizations in the golf industry, including Trackman University Master, The Golfing Machine AI, Stack & Tilt AI, and The Mind Factor. These accreditations allow me to provide the most advanced and effective training methods to my students.

I use state-of-the-art technologies, such as Trackman and SAM Puttlab, to provide detailed analysis of your swing, ball flight, and club performance, allowing for precise adjustments to be made to improve your performance.

I also place a strong emphasis on the mental aspect of the game, and I am certified in The Mind Factor, which allows me to provide training to help you develop the mental skills and focus you need to take your game to the next level.

If you're looking to take your game to the next level, I invite you to take advantage of my expertise and experience. 


All levels and ages are welcome, whether you want to build a program to suit your ambitions or simply work on eliminating that slice.


30 minutes - £40
60 minutes - £80     
120 minutes - £130

These sessions cover any aspect of the game. Trackman and Sam Puttlab analysis available to compliment the lesson and provide you with a greater understanding of your game.

6 x 1 Hour - £350

This short programme is ideal to fine tune different aspects of your game.

12 x 1 Hour - £600

This programme is ideal to fine tune different aspects of your game by putting into place a long term improvement and trianing plan.

Half Day - £240

Full Day - £350

Know Your Distances £40

Trackman Combine £40

Juniors (under 16's)

30 minutes £25
60 minutes £50
Group - Please Enquire about Junior Academy

Fix Your Slice for Good

The slice is one of the most frustrating shots a golfer can hit, often resulting in weak hits and a lack of control. The golf instruction world would have you believe that it is notoriously difficult to correct but whether you have been slicing for 2 months or 30 years I believe you can learn to hit a draw in just one lesson. 

Following your session you will understand why the ball curves one way or the other, what key moves are necessary in order to draw the ball and how to create a setup with a built in draw bias. You will also be aware how to diligently practice re-creating the draw both on the golf course and on the practice ground so you may take your new skills back home with you and continue the learning process. 

We will use Trackman throughout the session, thus allowing us to monitor exactly what is happening at impact and providing you with validation of your newly developing skills.

2 hours £130

Putt Like a Pro

Learn to putt like a Pro! A 2-hour special session to focus on your putting technique including SAM Puttlab -analysis.

We start off by carrying out an initial evaluation of your putting stroke and style using Sam Puttlab. This is a training and analysis system based on ultrasound measurements. It analyses the most important parameters of your putting stroke and displays the results in easy to understand graphic reports. The analysis reveals even the smallest details of your movements and allows us to develop improvements and training strategies based on your individual stroke and feel. 

We then head to the putting green to work on green reading, aim, stroke and distance control. You will discover your strengths and weaknesses thus allowing your training going forwards to be more efficient. 

Full SAM Puttlab reports are made available to you at the end of the session. 

2 hours £130

Bootcamp - Learn to play golf in a week

Have you always wanted to play golf or want to develop a new hobby? Golf is a game for a lifetime that is never too late to learn. Enjoy a new social scene, fresh air, the beautiful countryside and keep fit. These are just some of the benefits of playing this great game. During your stay at the Isle of Purbeck we will look at all the essential elements of the game and spend lots of time learning not just on the range but also on the golf course. I will teach you everything you need to know so that you feel at ease on the golf course and can say with pride that you are a golfer.

  • 12 hours of instruction with Philippe Bonfanti
  • All golf equipment provided
  • Range time and situational practice on the golf course
  • Use of cutting edge technology from Trackman and Sam Puttlab providing you with feels for the new skills you are developing
  • Summary video 
  • Practice & Improvement plan for the future

If you wish you can also combine your stay with some time exploring the region. Dorset has many historic buildings and the Jurassic coast here is a world heritage sight. There are beautiful sandy beaches and terrific attractions such as Monkey World, the Tank Museum and the Bournemouth Aquarium all close by. I am here to help make your stay as enjoyable and seamless as possible. 


Member Exclusives

60 minutes - £65

Yearly Programs

These programs are designed for players who are driven and passionate about their golf and have a strong desire to improve their skills and performance levels. Please enquire for details.

Trackman, Sam Puttlab, Video analysis with Casio High Speed cameras and Analyzr software used when necessary.

Telephone:  01929 450 354 - Pro Shop direct line

Philippe Bonfanti's Principal Qualifications:
PGA Advanced Coach
Trackman Certified Master
Stack & Tilt® Authorised Instructor
The Golfing Machine GSEB Authorised Instructor
Mind Factor Certified Coach
Golf Minds Certified Instructor
Seemore Certified Fitter and Instructor

Please visit for further details. 

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